Warianty morfologiczne czasownika "być" w mowie mieszkańców Spisza na podstawie danych korpusowych

Helena Grochola-Szczepanek
2020 LingVaria  
MORPHOLOGICAL VARIANTS OF THE VERB BYĆ 'TO BE' IN THE SPEECH OF THE INHABITANTS OF SPISZ: BASED ON CORPUS DATA The article discusses the morphological differences in the verb być 'to be' in the Spisz dialect. The material has been excerpted from the Spisz Dialect Corpus.The author presents the characteristic forms, and extracts from them the different types of inflection, while providing the number of occurrences of all of the forms in the corpus. Selected examples are presented in a broader
more » ... ted in a broader context together with metadata. The author also presents the possibilities opened by the use of an electronic corpus in morphological and sociolinguistic research.Verbal inflection in the Spisz dialect differs from the standard variety of Polish. Archaic forms such as byłech, jestech are still used in the dialect. Analytic variants such as ja był, my są are restricted to older respondents. Compositions such as w sklepie.m był or ja jech był are also characteristic for the older generation. Short variants like bem, bes are used in the future tense. The occurrence of the ending -me or -my in the first person plural is geographically limited.
doi:10.12797/lv.15.2020.29.10 fatcat:cq646uppyzfg5d4gr4obvaxjse