Frozen Conflicts in Moldova and Georgia [article]

Gia Mosashvili
2019 Figshare  
Frozen conflicts in Europe and European neighborhood are common security challenges for NATO and the European Union. Disputed territories in Cyprus, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine challenged the international community. In Georgia and Moldova, three de facto states (claimed territory with a political leadership but without international recognition) exist under Russian patronage and impede democratic process in the whole region. The recent situation in conflict regions is
more » ... ict regions is irreconcilable with EU values. Cooperation between NATO and the European Union on this type of security challenge is very important for parent states (where from disputed territories are generated). There are some policy recommendations for conflict resolution and reconciliation of parties: high level of cooperation between parent states, NATO and the European Union; development of institutions between ethnically divided societies; diversification of de facto states economy; youth projects for youths from parent states and youths from de facto states can improve the level of communication between parties; Georgia and Moldova as ethnically heterogeneous countries should establish media broadcastings for ethnic minorities; economic sanctions against patron state.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.9108305 fatcat:qzg3bw5pmzbptcjmcosr5qlzke