Cure of Incipient Pulmonary Consumption

1844 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Ahomson, viz., that "heat is life, and cold is death," it is their duty to come out and acknowledge this to the world, and cease all attempts to keep life in their cause by plagiarizing from the older theorists of the 'egular profession. 5. That the " steam " and " pepper " humbugs, notwithstanding all the trickery of their advocates in assuming new uames, such as " vegetable doctors," " botanic doctors," " reformed vegetable botanic doctors," £¿c., are about to be recognized, by even the
more » ... , by even the victims of the imposition, in their true character ; and that in view of fus fact, it would seem to behoove the fraternity to make preparations for returning to those avocations for the duties of which they are better quaRned, and from which they have so suddenly and unceremoniously taken their departures. The effect of this prescription upon my patient was most evident in the confused appearance of his countenance, which seemed to indicate "'at lie had been before unconscious of this peculiar feature of his disorder, not knowing that such plagiarisms would exclude him effectually "'Oni the society of the learned and honorable. I know not whether the treatment of this case produced any permanent amendment in the symptoms, for the patient became impatient and 'eft without making a report. In good faith, however, it was conducted O'1 my part_ and the issue, as in other cases, time alone will make known, either to the relief, or, perhaps, to the aggravation of his malady. Remarks.-Without doubt it is a question of no small importance, and yet undecided, whether ihe public good would be more subserved by Paying no attention at all to cases of this kind, or by meeting them
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