Bibliographical Notices

1842 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
P. 41. The rcfercncc Iluff.. 1' 1. Enl. 276, belongs to Pifangus sulphurafus, and PI. Enl. 212. to Scnphorhyiichus pifangua. l'hc earliest qiccific nnmc of tlic North Anicricnrt @rrrnnus, PI. Enl. 67G. is cnrofiiicnsis, Gm. ; tlic iicst in datc is pipiri, Vicill., Ois. Am. 111. 44. l l i i s bird is not the Lnniits fyrnnnrrs, Lin., wliicli is tlic 2'. dortiiiiircnsis, Ihiss., l'ieill., 0 . Am. pl. 46.
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