Optimization of experimental designs and model parameters exemplified by sedimentation in salt marshes

J. Reimer, M. Schürch, T. Slawig
2014 Geoscientific Model Development Discussions  
The weighted least squares estimator for model parameters was presented together with its asymptotic properties. A popular approach to optimize experimental designs called local optimal experimental designs was described together with a lesser known approach which takes into account a potential nonlinearity of the model parameters. These two approaches were combined with two different methods to solve their underlying discrete optimization problem. <br><br> All presented methods were
more » ... ods were implemented in an open source MATLAB toolbox called the <i>Optimal Experimental Design Toolbox</i> whose structure and handling was described. <br><br> In numerical experiments, the model parameters and experimental design were optimized using this toolbox. Two models for sediment concentration in seawater of different complexity served as application example. The advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches were compared, and an evaluation of the approaches was performed.
doi:10.5194/gmdd-7-6439-2014 fatcat:z3otw2utubfcxoyj63bbgtj66y