Flora of Greece

1908 Botanical Gazette  
insect relations of this remarkable family. Heliamphora and Darlingtonia are still recognized as monotypic, but a new species of Sarracenia (S. Sledgei, from the Gulf states) is described, 7 in all being recognized.-J. M. C. Lactarius and Russula.-BATTAILLE9 has published a monograph of these genera, to which he gives the group name Asterospores, on account of their echinulate or granulate spores. He describes all of the European species, adding personal observations to the diagnoses of the
more » ... iagnoses of the various authors. The keys are admirably constructed to lead easily to the species. For Lactarius the author has adopted the classification of QUELET. For Russula the two grand divisions (Leucosporae and Xanthosporae) of QUFiLET are continued, but a number of subsections are defined and named. At the same time, it is shown, that the color of the spores is not a very reliable character, and the principal groups must be defined by a varying combination of characters.-J. M. C. Grout's Mosses.-The fourth part of this work,Io issued in April last, maintains the reputation of its predecessors and brings the author's task within sight of completion. Part V, the final one, is announced for i909, to contain some plates and text missing from this part, together with an index and other useful adjuncts. Part IV completes the Leskeaceae and contains a good part of the Hypnaceae, with the usual excellent reproductions of illustrations from the Bryologia Europaea and SULLIVANT'S Icones, and some characteristic details which are original.-C. R. B. Index of desmids.-A supplement to NORDSTEDT'S Index Desmidiacearum, which was published in i896, has just appeared." The interval of over ten years has witnessed such an accumulation of material that a large supplement became necessary. The new bibliography included bears testimony to the great activity of the students of the group during this period, about 500 titles being enumerated, under i20 authors. To examine this vast amount of material and to organize it for the purpose of the index has called for an amount of labor that the students of desmids are sure to appreciate.-J. M. C. Flora of Greece.-The last fascicle of Halacsy's Conspectus Florae Graecae was published in I904, and now a supplement has been issued.12 The first fas-BATAILLE, FREDERIC,
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