A Preliminary Investigation into Patient-Centered Care in Audiology [article]

Malika Shah
In this investigation, we aim to review the current situation of patient-centered care in audiology through a preliminary literature review. We first explore the definition of patient-centered care in audiology that is consistent and operational. We then seek to identify domination of interactions between audiologists and patients during initial appointments. We use this to further investigate the psychosocial interactions and the effectiveness of the audiologists of addressing psychosocial
more » ... erns. We find that overall more research needs to be done in patient-centered care in audiology, but from preliminary review, audiologists fall short of addressing patient's psychosocial concerns adequately in many cases. Research also points toward exploring the relationship between the patient-audiologist interactions and the outcomes of audiological rehabilitation.
doi:10.13016/6uor-6f3y fatcat:5pvegroquvelrf5lwkccun2ivy