Integrated participative team based instructional supervision management at middle schools in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia: A multisite study

S. Supriyono, Ali Imron, Imron Arifin, Kusmintardjo
2016 Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS)  
This research is a qualitative multisite study using the interactive and modified analytic induction analyses. The focus of this research was the instructional supervision management at three middle schools in Blitar involving various supervisors. This research used a snowball sampling techniques with identified key information. The data was collected by using observation, interview, and documentation. The researcher ensured the credibility, dependability, conformability, and transferability by
more » ... transferability by doing triangulation, independent auditor and readers, reflective review, and detail indepth report. Results of this research showed that the three schools employed various supervisors including head of the education department, the education department official supervisors, principals, and senior teachers employing the integrated participative team based supervisory planning, organizing, implementation, and evaluation by which principals took the main responsibility of instructional supervision. The integrated participative team based supervision management turned out to make the instructional supervision worked better, to provide satisfactory teachers' in service professional development, to make teachers performed better, to gain satisfactory results of students performance, and to gain stakeholder trusts.
doi:10.25255/jss.2016. fatcat:puomg4bzifbzfahbtibpkhqpxa