Studies for Spray Drying Process of Micronized Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs by Wet Milling

Makoto Fukuta, Satoru Watano
2022 Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan  
It is desired for the pharmaceutical intermediate products to form as powder, considering versatility of storage, transportation, and the production schedule adjustment. In this study, aqueous suspension composed of nano-and submicron sized poorly water-soluble drug particles ground by a wet milling was spray dried to produce dry particles. Crystallinity of indomethacin particles was maintained after the spray drying. It was found that mannitol prevented indomethacin particles from cohesion
more » ... ng the spray drying; when indomethacin particles and mannitol in the four times amount of indomethacin were spray dried, mannitol absolutely prevented indomethacin particles from cohesion during the spray drying and the dissolution profiles of the spray dried powder were maintained at the same value as the suspension of indomethacin particles.
doi:10.4164/sptj.59.4 fatcat:xgwtyoqzujep5hawuo7oytum6i