Dushan Boreta
1964 Proceedings of the October 27-29, 1964, fall joint computer conference, part I on XX - AFIPS '64 (Fall, part I)  
INTRODUCTION Over the years many computer software systems have been developed to serve the program production process. These systems, variously known as "production" systems, "utility" systems, or "support" systems, are designed and produced for the same purpose: to provide programmers the tools required to produce computer programs. Beyond this common purpose these systems have little in common and, in fact, are unique systems individually tailored to a particular application. In each system
more » ... uch of the tailoring occurs because of the particular computer configuraton, operational system support requirements, computer manufacturer's software characteristics, experience of the designers, schedule pressures, and style preferences of the programmers producing the system. The tailoring is reflected in the design of each program production system and is evident. in many features, for example, the programming languages used, the computer operating procedures, the programmer's inputs, the outputs provided to the programmer, and the program organization in the system.
doi:10.1145/1464052.1464054 fatcat:rkr2ulvb4ravpnqne5yv7h6kee