David E. Bragg
2008 Arthropod Management Tests  
Cereal Leaf Beetle (CLB): Oulema melanoplus (L.) CLB can and do reproduce on winter wheat up to the flag leaf stage reducing plat vigor and damaging the flag leaf by chewing. This test is part of an ongoing rate study for cereal leaf beetle efficacy on wheat for Bayer Crop Science products. A RCB was seeded at Central Ferry WA on Oct 30, 2006. Seeding was done with a Hegi Cone Plot Seeder at 60 lbs acre on 7 rows x 4 ft by 20 feet with 4 replicates per seed treatment and a UTC. DAPE was Nov 9.
more » ... LB larvae counts per M 2 were Jun 24, 2007 for all replicates. This trial was sampled for the percentages of CLB larvae present 204 DAPE at the early boot stage of flag leaf emergence. Data were analyzed with analysis of variance and mean separation by All Pairwise LSD t Test (0.05). All seed treatment insecticides provided CLB reductions compared to the UTC and Cyfluthrin XL, with higher rates of all products more efficacious. At this date 20% flag leaf damage had occurred with 40% plants per M 2 infested with at least one larva. A conclusion is that Neonicotinoid seed treatment insecticides can be effective at the beginning of spring growth.
doi:10.1093/amt/33.1.f4 fatcat:vhiq3h7bazdtdimkz2hcjeyqwe