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Six Pages Today No. 2 Registration Closes W ith 4 ,3 7 0 Total Flustered late registrants and harried deans and Regis trar Office assistants officially closed the summer regis tration with a total enrollment of 4,370 students July l l . Three hundred and thirty-nine students took advantage of late registration, the procedure of which made the regular registration of last week* go to the Registrar's Office to plan seem simple. The students who failed to register on July 5 had to their courses.
more » ... om there they w ent to each departm ent to be sectionized, and then stood in line hopefully a t their dean's office to have schedules approved. Early predictions for this sum- Hite Million No Surprise, Black Says Legacy to Go For Cancer Study At University The bequest, valued at about $1,000,000, received by the Uni expected registration, and as com-versity under the will of Miss 1 9 4 5 -4 6 Budget, Radio Coure, Tenure O n Crowded Docket for Regents mer s enrollment had been for 5000 students. However, W ednes day's total fell 630 short of the pared with 1944's registration for the summ er term of 4600, it was 230 short. 150 Rotcees Land Here From 5 Texas Colleges One hundred and fifty-five new Rotcees and three new lieutenantinstructors have been stationed with the naval unit here at the U niversity since the beginning of the summ er session, Captain R. J. Valentine, commanding officer of the unit, has announced. T ransferring from six other colleges, these boys have had four or five semesters of college work and are now' entering the senior p art of the V-12 program. forty-one boys and T.C.U., Fort Worth, S.M.U., Dallas, thirteen, Milsaps College in Jackson, Miss., sent five, and two of the new sail ors came in from Rice Institute, Houston. Coming straight from the fleet, Lieutenants H erbert S. Damon, Kenan Manson, and Edward G. Ballard will teach the Navy boys this summer. L ieutenant H. B. Benedetti will leave the Univer sity to attend Annapolis post There were no new regular graduate school. V-12 students entering or transfer-j A ftcr four y c a r s o f c o m b a t o n ring here this semester, ( aptain a destroyer in the PacifiCj where ( t0 thc University Valentine said, hut a new class he W(m (hc Si|y(.r g ta r Lieutenant
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