Pulsating combustion of gas fuel in the combustion chamber with closed resonant circuit

E V Yallina, V M Larionov, O V Iovleva
2013 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Combustion instability control in the model of combustion chamber A N Akhmadullin, E N Ahmethanov, O V Iovleva et al. -The acoustic model of oscillations of gas combustion in coaxial pipes E V Semenova, V M Larionov and E I Kazakova -Characteristics of potential well for nondegenerate electronic gas in a equilibrium dusty plasma G Dautov, N Kashapov, I Fayrushin et al. -Recent citations Acoustic gas oscillations in coaxial tubes E V Semenova et al -Self-exited gas oscillations in Helmholtz
more » ... s in Helmholtz resonator type combustor V M Larionov et al -Not adiabatic temperature of combustion gas-air mixture O V Iovleva -This content was downloaded from IP address on 23/07 Abstract. In the combustion chambers of the pulsation of gas flow oscillation greatly accelerate heat dissipation to the walls of the combustion chamber and improve combustion efficiency as compared with a uniform combustion mode. This allows you to effectively solve a number of problems of industrial power, including an environmentally friendly combustion products. Significant drawback of such systems -the emitted noise exceeding the permissible requirements. One solution to this problem -the separation of the resonance tube into 2 parts connected at the output to the interference of sound waves. The results of theoretical studies pulsating combustion technical mixture of propane in the system, consisting of a combustion chamber and two resonance tubes forming a closed resonant circuit. Resonators have a variable length. Calculations have shown that under certain oscillation of the resonator length to the first resonant frequency of the system is achieved by reducing SPL more than 15 dB. For oscillations at a second resonant frequency is the complete elimination of noise while maintaining intense oscillations in the combustion chamber.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/479/1/012017 fatcat:ttxvrbb6gzchbojtezkxbncsli