Reports and Analyses and Descriptions of New Inventions in Medicine, Surgery, Dietetics, and the Allied Sciences

1897 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
plates with letterpress. 6s.) THE author has attempted in this book to give a comparative account of the work which has been published on the subject of the peritoneal folds and fossee in the neighbourhood of the vermiform appendix, together with the results which he has obtained from an examination of Ioo bodies. He has produced a very interesting book, which will be read with interest both by the anatomist and by the surgeon. The peritoneal folds and fossse in the region of the junction of
more » ... ileum and csecum are divided by BERRY into two groups-first, the pericaecal or primary fossoe, which are those produced by means of peritoneal folds raised from the enteric mesentery by the vessels to and from the appendix. These maintain their form and situation both before and after their removal from the body. The second group includes the retrocoecal or secondary fosste, which are situated behind the cecum and ascending colon, and depend for their existence upon the secondary coalescence, sometimes wanting, of the colon, coecum, and mesentery to the posterior abdominal wall. These are only visible with the parts in situ, and are destroyed by removal of the organs concerned in their formation. Three periesecal folds are recognised; these are the ileocolic, ileo-cecal, and the meso-appendix. These folds give rise to the formation of two fossae-the ileo-colic fossa and the ileo-c&-cal fossa. The author concludes that the pericaecal folds are primary in origin and vascular in function. He thinks that these folds together represent the mesentery of the caecum, and that the meso-appendix is the true appendicular mesentery. It appears from the constancy of the existence of the meso-appendix and the frequent absence of the pericaecal folds that the appendix is gradually replacing the caecum in functional activity.
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