The role of psychological work in the system of means for correcting convicts
Роль психологической работы в системе средств исправления осужденных

M.M. Сherekhovich, Moscow State Regional University
2020 Penitentiary Science  
The article analyzes the place of psychological work in the system of means of corrective work with convicts sentenced to imprisonment, the role of the penal psychologist in the study of the criminological characteristics of the personality of the convicted offender. Psychological work, which has its own unique toolkit for determining the personal and social characteristics of an individual, in correctional institutions de facto plays a leading role in reducing recurrent behavior, addictions,
more » ... vior, addictions, clarifying, by psychological and pathopsychological methods, the true, deep, in particular unconscious, motives of a particular crime. However de jure by the existing legislative structure, which describes the main means of corrective influence on convicts, psychological work is actually not taken into account as such a means. It is also noted that giving convicts the right to refuse psychological work negatively affects the results of psychocorrectional influence on them. Especially undesirable are such refusals on the part of those who are negatively characterized, socially and pedagogically neglected, that is, convicts who are most in need of psychocorrection. The conclusion is made about the need to legislatively consolidate psychological work as an independent means of corrective action, the obligation of individual psychological work with convicts, psychotherapeutic work with convicts during the first year after their release.
doi:10.46741/2686-9764-2020-14-3-337-342 fatcat:5l5xua4qbffj7ehpwhp2xjx5tu