Diagnosis of the Severity of Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat Ears on the Basis of Image and Spectral Feature Fusion

Linsheng Huang, Taikun Li, Chuanlong Ding, Jinling Zhao, Dongyan Zhang, Guijun Yang
2020 Sensors  
Fusarium head blight (FHB), one of the most prevalent and damaging infection diseases of wheat, affects quality and safety of associated food. In this study, to realize the early accurate monitoring of FHB, a diagnostic model of disease severity was proposed based on the fusion features of image and spectral features. First, the hyperspectral image of FHB infected in the range of the 400–1000 nm spectrum was collected, and the color parameters of wheat ear and spot region were segmented based
more » ... e segmented based on image features. Twelve sensitive bands were extracted using the successive projection algorithm, gray-scale co-occurrence matrix, and RGB color model. Four texture features were extracted from each feature band image as texture variables, and nine color feature variables were extracted from R, G, and B component images. Texture features with high correlation and color features were selected to participate in the final model building parameters via correlation analysis. Finally, the particle swarm optimization support vector machine (PSO-SVM) algorithm was used to build the model based on the diagnosis model of disease severity of FHB with different combinations of characteristic variables. The experimental results showed that the PSO-SVM model based on spectral and color feature fusion was optimal. Moreover, the accuracy of the training and prediction set was 95% and 92%, respectively. The method based on fusion features of image and spectral features can accurately and effectively diagnose the severity of FHB, thereby providing a technical basis for the timely and effective control of FHB and precise application of a pesticide.
doi:10.3390/s20102887 pmid:32443656 fatcat:nc6o7gaphfhuxmi7arghslatyi