1919 Canadian Entomologist  
Andricus splendens, n. sp. Female.-Head a clear, dark red, finely shagreened, with whitish hairs on b lower face and cheeks, slightly broadened behind the eyes, concave behind. Eyes black, bare, coarsely granulate. A n t e n n~ 14-segmented, the third and fourth slender and equal, the last slightly longer than the next to last, distal half darker. Palpi 5-and 3-segmented. Mesonotum reddish with a median black area enclosing the two anterior parallel lines and a smooth, black area over base of
more » ... area over base of each wing (but sometimes almost uniformly infuscated). I t is one and a half times as long as the width of the head, its surface finely coriaceous (best seen in balsam mount) with scattered punctures bearing short whitish hairs. Scutellum is rugose behind with setigerous punctures, has a mediodorsal smoothish area behind the two distinct black polished shallow pits and a steep triangular impression on each side. Mesopleurz polished, bare except for pubescent area above. Legs lighter in colour, yellowish, with middle and hind cox= infuscated, hind femur normal, tarsal claws small but in balsam showing a distinct tooth. Wings hyaline with distinct brown veins, surface short brown pubescent and margin short ciliate. Median segment with two distinct outwardly curved ridges enclosing a smooth area which is narrowed a t the top. Abdomen darker, smooth and polished, not compressed, as deep as long and with a pubescent area on each side a t base. Ventral spine about three times as long as broad, slightly pubescent. Ovipositor (when dissected out) a little longer than length of antenna, eggs well developed, nearly globular with long pedicel. Using the width of head in widest part in balsam mount as a base the length of wing ratio is 4.61-4.78; length of antenna ratio 2.75-2.93 ; length of ovipositor 2.71-3.00. Range in length of 350 dry specimens measured by optical methods to nearest tenthof amillimeter was 1.3-2.4mm. Other constantsforthe group were calculated. Mode 1.950 mm. Mean 1.926-0.007. Median 1.933-0.008. Standard deviation 0.181-0.005. Coefficient of variability 9.40%-0.24%
doi:10.4039/ent51254-11 fatcat:kas6xqhbrzdtjaos7rotebf4yy