XLVI.—Description of a new species of saw-fly from Albania

W.F. Kirby
1886 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
A new species of the Tipula subgenus Mediotipula is described from the south-eastern part of Albania, south-eastern Europe. Morphologically, the new species is most similar to T. (M.) stigmatella Schummel, 1833, but differs mainly with respect to males, having a distinctly shaped posterior margin of tergite 9-10, a widened outer gonostylus and a series of details of the inner gonostylus (anterior end of the anterior arm, shape of the posterior arm), as well as having more bulbous and rounded
more » ... bous and rounded hypogynal valves in the females. Further morphological differences of the male terminalia between allopatric populations of T. (M.) stigmatella in the Carpathians and Balkans, south-eastern Europe, are discussed. A peer-reviewed open-access journal Lujza Keresztes et al. / ZooKeys 792: 99-115 (2018)
doi:10.1080/00222938609460001 fatcat:b6jqfhqkrjchpkt6533yx5aqmy