The meiotic index in hexaploid triticale. Direct and indirect ways to improve it

R. Maich, B. Costero, D. Manero De Zumelzu
1999 Caryologia (Firenze)  
The starting point in the chain of events concerning fertility is the meiotic division. Thus, to improve the meiotic performance of triticale is a sure biological way of promote its evolution. Sixty F 2 -derived families were evaluated during 1997 (F 2 :. 3 ) and 1998 (F 2 : 4 ), in order to measure the direct and indirect responses to selection for the improved percentage of normal tetrads, or meiotic index, in hexaploid triticale. A significant direct response to selection in respect to the
more » ... in respect to the meiotic index was observed, but not indirectly through spikelet fertility. However, we have found that there is the possibility for selection at the end of the reproductive process (i.e. per spikelet fertility) without a negative effect on the percentage of normal tetrads.
doi:10.1080/00087114.1998.10589162 fatcat:elu7a5yu2zctnmp6mhqum4bxxa