Neoclassical kinetic theory near an X-point: Plateau regime [report]

E.R. Solano, R.D. Hazeltine
1993 unpublished
Traditionally, neoclassical transport calculation_ ignorepoloidal variationof thepoloidal magnetic field.NearanX-pointoftheconfining fieldofa diverted plasma, thepoloidal field is small, causing guidingcenters to linger at that poloidalposition.We studyhow neoclassical transport is affectedby thisdifferential shaping.The problemis solvedin generalintheplateauregime, anda modelpoloidal fluxfunction withanX-pointisutilized as an analytic example to show that the plateau diffusioncoefficientcan
more » ... nge considerably (factorof2 reduction). Ionpoloidal rotation is proportional tothelocalvalueof Bpoi, but otherwiseit is not stronglyaffectedL_y shaping.
doi:10.2172/10182295 fatcat:aysklabrxzaz7kxlh3qvkperwy