Geology of the area between Golo and Tavignano Valleys (Central Corsica): a snapshot of the continental metamorphic units of Alpine Corsica

Maria Di Rosa, Alberto De Giorgi, Michele Marroni, Luca Pandolfi
2017 Journal of Maps  
The area between Golo and Tavignano valleys in Central Corsica (latitudes 42°23 ′ 12,18 ′′ N to 42°18 ′ 24,60 ′′ N, longitudes 9°07 ′ 49,30 ′′ E to 9°11 ′ 35,90 ′′ E) is characterized by the occurrence of continental metamorphic units belonging to the Lower Units of Alpine Corsica. These units, also known as Corte Slices, represent the fragments of the European continental margin involved in the continental subduction and the subsequent collision, both resulting from the closure of the
more » ... ure of the Ligure-Piemontese oceanic Basin. These units are thus characterized by complex, polyphased deformation history developed under blueschist to greenschist metamorphic facies conditions during the Late Eocene to Early Miocene time span. In the study area, the Corte Slices have been investigated by a multidisciplinary approach consisting of a detailed mapping associated with meso-and micro-structural analyses and estimate of the P-T conditions of the metamorphic events. The 1:10,000 scale geological map illustrates the results of this approach that has provided a detailed snapshot of the stratigraphic and structural setting of Corte Slices. ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.1080/17445647.2017.1351900 fatcat:jpmjawn5eja2rk35hyvrmvq2pi