The Incidence of Diarrhea in Babies Affected through the Cleanliness of Eating Utensils and Hands

Prayudhy Yushananta, Minister of Health Polytechnic Tanjungkarang, Indonesia
2018 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
In Bandar Lampung, the highest case of diarrhea in the <1 year age group occurred in Simpur Health Center, amounting to 9.73% exceeding the incidence in Bandar Lampung City, the capital, at 2.68%. The Objective: The study used a cross-sectional design with the aim of knowing the effect of the microbiological quality of clean water on the incidence of diarrhea in infants through the cleanliness of cutlery and hands. Method: The type of this research was quasi-experiment with the pre-test and
more » ... he pre-test and post-test with group design. A total number of the subject was 139 households with infants aged 1-11 months. The study was carried out in the work area of Simpur City Health Center Bandar Lampung. Result: The results of the study found that coli bacteria contaminated 62.6% of clean water sources, 82.0% of mother's hands contaminated and 59.7% of baby eating utensils contaminated with coli bacteria. The risk of pollution of fresh water in water sources whose distance and construction do not meet the requirements of 16.87 times and 13.29 times, respectively. The risk of hand contamination due to bad behavior and hand washing methods is 15.65 times and 15.47 times, respectively. Further, the risk of disease of cutlery due to inadequate washing and storage is 9.32 times and 9.96 times, respectively. The risk of diarrhea in the group whose source of contaminated clean water and contaminated hands is 3.74 times and the risk of diarrhea in the group whose sources of fresh water are polluted and how to wash their hands poorly is 3.33 times. The magnitude of the risk of diarrhea in the group whose sources of clean water are contaminated and how to wash the cutlery is 7.37 times. Conclusions: Good storage of cutlery is a protective factor for the incidence of diarrhea in infants.
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v6i9.137 fatcat:gsait35kznd2nawxpv7apz4ojm