1891 Canadian Entomologist  
Arrnn Founrn Mour-r.-The body in colour is the same as in the preceding moult, and the caudal horn iacks the reddish-brown colour at the apex. The thoracic feet are now yellolv, tipped with reddishbrown, and the abdominal legs have on the outer side of each a small patch of the same colour. The mandibles are pitchy black, and the labrum pink. Length, 34 mm. Duration of this stage, about seven days. Arrnn Frrrn Mout-r.-No perceptible difference from the previous moult, except that the elevated
more » ... that the elevated granulations which cover the body are more distinct. The thoracic feet are reddish-brown with their bases yellow. Spiracles white with biack margins. Length, about 55 mm.
doi:10.4039/ent2315-1 fatcat:5ny5i5vdo5bljjhx35aq6wkkfm