The air-gap induction in continuouscurrent dynamos

C.C. Hawkins, R. Wightman
1900 Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers  
Although the principles which govern the distribution of the magnetic induction in the air-gaps of the continuouscurrent dynamo are well known, yet there are certain points in the predetermination of the complete curve of induction under and beyond the pole-faces, which merit detailed consideration. The subject is of especial importance in connection with the question of commutation, since upon the predetermination of the fringe of lines which form the reversing field between the pole-edges
more » ... the pole-edges must largely depend our forecast as to whether a particular machine will be free from sparking or otherwise. 1 The above convenient approximation is due to J. Fischer-Hinnen [Elektrotechnischc Zcitschrift, 1893, vol. xiv., pp. 53-57), and is probably very fairly accurate near the line of symmetry, but, as will be seen later, requires modification near the pole-tips. 3 Cf.
doi:10.1049/jiee-1.1900.0076 fatcat:qvn2nmemqfh7xezzwvg3ztci54