Derivative coupling of the inflaton to R(3)

Yan-Li He, Yun-Song Piao
2019 Physical Review D  
We study the inflation scenario with the non-minimally derivative coupling XR^(3), where X=∇_μϕ∇^μϕ, ϕ is the inflaton and R^(3) is the 3-dimensional intrinsic Ricci scalar on the spacelike hypersurface, and analytically calculate the corrections of XR^(3) on the power spectra of primordial perturbations. It is found that for the ϕ^2 inflation model, the corresponding predictions can be driven to the best-fit region of the n_s-r diagram.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.99.083511 fatcat:u2km24kvqzgufg6oce6cfffwdu