SuFEx Activation with Ca(NTf2)2: A Unified Strategy to Access Sulfamides, Sulfamates and Sulfonamides from S(VI) Fluorides [post]

Subham Mahapatra, Cristian P. Woroch, Todd W. Butler, Sabrina N. Carneiro, Sabrina C. Kwan, Samuel R. Khasnavis, Junha Gu, Jason K. Dutra, Beth C. Vetelino, Justin Bellenger, Christopher W. am Ende, Nicholas Ball
2020 unpublished
<p><br></p> <p>A method to activate sulfamoyl fluorides, fluorosulfates, and sulfonyl fluorides with calcium triflimide, and DABCO for SuFEx with amines is described. The reaction was applied to a diverse set of sulfamides, sulfamates, and sulfonamides at room temperature under mild conditions. Additionally, we highlight the application of this transformation to parallel medicinal chemistry to generate a broad array of nitrogen-based S(VI) compounds. </p>
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.12026811 fatcat:72madspbubbotorrq6sdy3rsbq