Interstate Commerce Commission, Report of the Accident Investigation Occurring on the GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY, NEW HAVEN, MI

of s SKYLOYEE , s&a the injury of ?9 PMTMSGNIM oiia 4 onUoyoec* ^Q9TBOUAVT freight fe^aln extrs 142& oonsijit©4 of IX locused cnrs* 38 M®ZY own i»aJ» a cabooae, hauled &y omglnfi Ko# 14*26*. wa» tn ctarso of Gonduotor Hason an: Eagineman Britten* Its loft Huron, M2afe«» at 1:05 p^* FOR Detroit, Mlofc* 14S6 arrived at He 1 "/ Hfrren, fro» Part flusocj at » aad *ft«r ^e* Assg so* trains, lof& tfe^re p*r~.*, ft it-la 38 alautes to r-seofc Chasteatfl' X& diatoms® of 0*81 milea, is a to el#ar imsu'ox^r tr<i£n 10 flv* aiaut*--®s roitfcj'i by
doi:10.21949/1506272 fatcat:oki7gca4jbaw7otji3suqnqsxi