On sampling expansions of Kramer type

Anthippi Poulkou
2004 Abstract and Applied Analysis  
We treat some recent results concerning sampling expansions of Kramer type. The linkof the sampling theorem of Whittaker-Shannon-Kotelnikov with the Kramer sampling theorem is considered and the connection of these theorems with boundary value problems is specified. Essentially, this paper surveys certain results in the field of sampling theories and linear, ordinary, first-, and second-order boundary value problems that generate Kramer analytic kernels. The investigation of the first-order
more » ... lems is tackled in a joint work with Everitt. For the second-order problems, we refer to the work of Everitt and Nasri-Roudsari in their survey paper in 1999. All these problems are represented by unbounded selfadjoint differential operators on Hilbert function spaces, with a discrete spectrum which allows the introduction of the associated Kramer analytic kernel. However, for the first-order problems, the analysis of this paper is restricted to the specification of conditions under which the associated operators have a discrete spectrum.
doi:10.1155/s108533750430624x fatcat:hhu64amlgvdvbpmbhpknrbuzue