Dynamic Analysis of Topside Module in Lifting Installation Phase

Jong-Hyun Lee
2011 한국해양공학회지  
The installation phase for a topside module suggested can be divided into 9 stages, which include start, pre-lifting, lifting, lifted, rotating, positioning, lowering, mating, and end of installation. The transfer of the topside module from a transport barge to a crane vessel takes place in the first three stages, from start to lifting, while the transfer of the module onto a floating spar hull occurs in the last three stages, from lowering to the end. The coupled multi-body motions are
more » ... motions are calculated in both calm water and in irregular waves with significant wave height (1.52 m), with suggested force equilibrium diagrams. The effects of the hydrodynamic interactions between the crane vessel and barge during the lifting stage have been considered. The internal forces caused by the load transfer and ballasting are derived for the lifting phases. The results of these internal forces for the calm water condition are compared with those in the irregular sea condition. Although the effect of pitch motion on the relative vertical motion between the deck of the floating structure and the topside module is significant in the lifting phases, the internal force induced pitch motion is too small to show its influence. However, the effect of the internal force on the wave-induced heave responses in the lifting phases is noticeable in the irregular sea condition because the transfer mass-induced draught changes in the floating structure are observed to have higher amplitudes than the external force induced responses. Corrending author Jong-Hyun Lee: 180-1 Songdo-Dong, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon, 032-200-2486, naoe@rist.re.kr This research is based on authors's Ph.D thesis in Newcastle (2010)
doi:10.5574/ksoe.2011.25.4.007 fatcat:54csvjbjtndhpecxxluj67hvde