First principles study of band line up at defective metal-oxide interface: oxygen point defects at Al/SiO2interface

Eric Tea, Jianqiu Huang, Celine Hin
2016 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics  
The dielectric breakdown at metal-oxide interfaces is a critical electronic device failure mechanism. Electronic tunneling through dielectric layers is a well-accepted explanation for this phenomenon. Theoretical band alignment studies, providing information about tunneling, have already been conducted in the literature for metal-oxide interfaces. However, most of the time materials were assumed defect free. Oxygen vacancies being very common in oxides, their effect on band lineup is of prime
more » ... portance in understanding electron tunneling in realistic materials and devices. This work explores the effect of oxygen vacancy and oxygen di-vacancy at the Al/SiO2 interface on the band line up within Density Functional Theory using PBE0 hybrid exchange and correlation functional. It is found that the presence of defects at the interface, and their charge state, strongly alters the band line up.
doi:10.1088/0022-3727/49/9/095304 fatcat:xfexpwmfzbbb3boajvxfqpaf44