Vertical Organic Permeable Dual-Base Transistors for Logic Circuits [post]

Erjuan Guo, Zhongbin Wu, Ghader Darbandy, Shen Xing, Shu-Jen Wang, Alexander Tahn, Michael Göbel, Alexander Kloes, Karl Leo, Hans Kleemann
2020 unpublished
Vertical-channel organic dual-gate/base transistors would be highly interesting since vertical organic transistors are the fastest organic transistors demonstrated today. However, incorporating a dual gate/base structure into an ultra-short channel vertical architecture represents a substantial challenge. Here, we successfully realize a new device concept of vertical organic permeable dual-base transistors (OPDBTs), where either of both base electrodes can be used to change the on-currents and
more » ... he on-currents and tune the threshold voltages. The optimized devices yield a high on-current density of 1.54 A cm-2 and a large current gain of 9.2×105, corresponding to a high transmission value of 99.998%. The detailed operation mechanisms are investigated by calibrated TCAD simulations with the Poole-Frenkel mobility model, Gaussian density of states and tunneling model. Finally, high-performance logic circuits, e.g. inverter, NAND/AND computation functions are demonstrated with one single OPDBT operating at supply voltages of < 2.0 V. We believe that OPDBTs offer a compact and technologically simple hardware platform with excellent application potential for vertical-channel organic transistors in complex logic circuits.
doi:10.20944/preprints202005.0013.v1 fatcat:ocus562szrcuhg23xel7zht5dm