Load Balancing of Unbalanced Matrix Problem of Maximum Machines with Min Min Algorithm

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
Most eminent computing technology related to the cloud is an exclusively web-based approach where resources are hosted on a cloud; it prospers the resources. Cloud computing is the most promising technologies that offer a standard for bulky sized computing. That is a structure for enabling applications to execution on virtualized resources and accessed by a network protocol. It provides resource and services in a very elastic behavior that can be scaled according to the required of the clients.
more » ... red of the clients. Limited numbers of devices execute less number of tasks at that time. So it is more complex to perform each task at once. Several devices execute each task, so it has required balancing total loads that reduce the completion time and executes each task in a definite way. We have said earlier that there are not feasible to stay behind an equal server to execute similar tasks. The tasks that are to be executed by machine in the cloud system must be less than the united VM for a time. Overloaded servers have to perform a less number of jobs. Here in our approach, we want to show a scheduling algorithm for balancing of loads and presentation with minimum execution time and makespan.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.b2419.098319 fatcat:jvgj25fwwbgdxb53hbw2aq4mqu