Immunomodulation Effect of the Allogeneic Cellular Components after Transfusion

Jung Jin Kim, Hyo Joo Yoo, Young Joo Kwon, Nak Gyun Chung, Bin Cho, Tae Kyu Kim, Hack Ki Kim, Chi Wha Han, Dae Chul Jeong
2007 The Korean Journal of Hematology  
Blood transfusion is important for life saving treatment in many patients with tolerable adverse effects. Some data suggest that transfusions might cause an increased risk for post-operative infections and a higher relapse or mortality rate in cancer patients. We investigated whether immune dysfunction might result after transfusions from the cellular components. Methods: We studied 5-week-old mice BALB/c (H-2 d , donor), C3H/He (H-2 k , recipient), and C57/BL (H-2 b , third party). We obtained
more » ... party). We obtained irradiated spleen cells (SP) from the BALB/c or C57/BL, and injected them into the C3H/He with intraperitoneal IL-2 administration. After 24 hours, we obtained bone marrow (BM), thymus and SP. We identified mixed lymphocyte proliferation (MLR) by the BrdU method and we used irradiated BALB/c SP, as a stimulator for that trial. For the analysis of immune cells, we analyzed the cell surface markers from each organ. For cytokines, we identified TNF-α, IFN-γ, TGF-β, and IL-10 by ELISA from the supernatant of the MLR. Results: The cell proliferation decreased according to specific H-2 complexes. There were increased CD4+CD25+ cells in the thymus. For the paracrine effects, the B-C3H SP showed ratio-dependent inhibitory effects, although the C-C3H SP inhibited some cell proliferation. There was no difference in the IFN-γ, TNF-α and TGF-β between the control and experimental groups. However, IL-10 was higher in the 1:10 ratio mixture in the control and transfused SP compared to the other groups. Conclusion: The results of this study suggested that the cellular components in transfusions might contribute to the immune regulatory effects by CD4+CD25+ cells after 24 hours. (Korean J Hematol 2007;42:375-381.)
doi:10.5045/kjh.2007.42.4.375 fatcat:nq7glovoazfupdo7qh34a6rvpm