1895 Library  
The Library. very valuable comparative exhibit of library forms would be gathered together. The bound copies would show at a glance the whole forms of any individual library, arranged in a recognised order. Full sized rulings or specimen pages of stock-books and other records, placards, roles, &c, could be folded to go neatly within the dimensions of the sheets above noted. The Committee earnestly urge librarians to send specimens in accordance with this scheme, and so greatly enhance the value
more » ... y enhance the value of the Museum to themselves and others. It was also decided to make a collection of portraits of librarians, with a view to ultimately forming a L.A.U.K. Album, which should prove of immense interest to members. Several contributions of this land have already been received, and the Committee cordially invite librarians to contribute their portraits to this collection as soon as possible. It is suggested that all portraits should be signed in full, and that the date and place of birth should also be added. A large collection of valuable plans has already been formed, but comparatively few photographic or other views of the exteriors and interiors of library buildings have been received. The Committee are desirous of having in the Museum a plan of every library building in the kingdom, as well as views, and will be pleased to receive contributions from all who have not yet sent Plans are preferred unframed and not mounted on wooden stretchers, with the object of facilitating uniform storage. Any sort of plan or view will be acceptable. Now that the Museum is established on a permanent footing architects may be disposed, on application from librarians, to make suitable tracings. The scale is not material, provided it is plainly marked Copies of specifications or instructions to architects are also very urgently required. To avoid confusion, every loose form which does not bear the name of the institution should be clearly stamped on the back with the name stamp.
doi:10.1093/library/s1-vii.1.60 fatcat:xscigxq2mjdjnjjmsp6noj2m7q