Henry L. Moody, A. R. Grote, Allen Y. Moore
1875 Canadian Entomologist  
i(; THE CANADIAN EN'[OI{OLOGIST. than half as long as in Eri4/tia conco/ore/la. I place it somervhat do.btfully in Elachista, because of the neuration, ri'hich approaches that of Laverna. The sLrbmedian of the primaries is notfurcate at the base;the cell is narrorv and acuninate, r'vith three subcostal branches to the margin frorn near the end of the cell, besides the apical branch, which is furc.ate before the apex, rvith one of its branches to each margin ; the rnedian is also three-branched,
more » ... lso three-branched, the last from the end of the cell almost .confluent rvith the furcate apical branch of the subcostal. rn the secondaries the cell is rather rvide, unclosed; the subcostal is distinct and furcate, rvith :r branch to each margin ; the media' is threebranched (or t*'o-branchecl, ryith .n independent cliscai branch arising al the "redian and indistinctly continned through the cell, rvhich is unclosed). nark bronzy broivn I unicororous. A/. ex. a rittre ress than a third of an inch. \Tot so slender an insect as Ere/tia cortcolorella.
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