Kinetic modeling of sugarcane juice clarification by ozonation in batch reactor with ozone saturation control

Ricardo BERNARDI, Luiz Mario de Matos JORGE, Paulo Roberto PARAÍSO
2019 Food Science and Technology  
This work presents the mathematical modeling of clarification kinetics of the sugarcane juice by ozonation in batch reactor considering the reaction occurs homogeneously and ozone saturation in the juice is guaranteed. The sugarcane juice color was considered proportional to the light absorbance at wavelength λ = 420 ηm, according to the Onternational Unit specified by OCUMSA -Onternational Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis. The model equation coefficients were obtained
more » ... obtained numerically, using the MATLAB  software, based on the experimental absorbance as a function of time, obtained for three different temperatures of the juice. The obtained results were so much satisfactory and led to the conclusion that mathematical model represents well the kinetics of clarification in the proposed conditions. Practical Application: By using the mathematical model presented in this manuscript, industry could provide ozone saturation control in sugarcane clarification proccess by ozonation. On this way, sugarcane juice would be saturated with ozone all time, without ozone wasting, consequently, saving energy. Figure 3. (a) Experimental Absorbance vs Time associated to BPJ Model Curves; (b) Absorbance Calculated vs Experimental Absorbance and Error Guide Lines.
doi:10.1590/fst.35417 fatcat:vztggaga5ff2rf5ftamonry4p4