Gülsüm Yildirim
2019 Zenodo  
Primary school is also important for the child's self-knowledge, adaptation to the society and environment in which lives, and the life study course, which is the basis of the primary school. It was first organized in 1926 within the framework of collective education principle. it is thought that the opinions of the educational experts of that period will be guiding in order to understand its essence. Fuat Baymur's views on life study course have been discussed. Qualitative research method has
more » ... esearch method has been used in the scope of this research. Document analysis has been conducted. The data has been obtained through content analysis. According to the results obtained from Baymur, life study lesson is a life, work and real lesson and it is the basis of primary school. He states that while life study course provides the mental and emotional development of the child's interest in teaching, it contributes to the harmony with society and environment, historical learning and learning environment and strengthens the sense of citizenship. In addition, it is the preparatory course for the basis of the primary school courses and upper circuit courses. Again, the duties of the classroom teacher in life study teaching; making plans, being creative and artful and knowing the environment. He opposes textbooks in teaching and proposes topics and resources from the environment in which the child lives. In the course, while giving examples of teaching tools that the child can experience, the student deals with the transformation of information into behavior.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3526142 fatcat:rm2jt6txxjfmbm76koosgr2muq