A Rough Calculation Relating the Extremely Small Cosmological Constant to the Extremely Large QFT Vacuum Energy Density [post]

Remi Cornwall
2019 unpublished
This enquiry follows the investigation into a propulsion system purportedly utilising the QED vacuum as reactive momenergy. The QFT vacuum is contentious because the “naïve” value for it is extraordinarily large, yet on the cosmic scale it is hardly present. This begs the question as to whether it is really real and further highlights the problem between General Relativity on very large scales, with Quantum Mechanics on very small scales. We find a mathematical procedure that:
more » ... al procedure that: to the 1st order removes the “embarrassing” QFT vacuum constant from the Einstein tensor and then covers nearly all of the 120 orders of magnitude difference between the Cosmological Constant and Vacuum Energy by introducing it as an higher order correction in (G/c4)3. There is a proviso for further work, that the difference of a few orders we calculate, might be made up by considering fluctuations or running constants in the QFT vacuum and Cosmic Inflation.
doi:10.20944/preprints201901.0113.v1 fatcat:fuvtm7h7ybhvpig5povxff346e