The reciprocal determination of cyanides and cyanates

J. W. Mellor
1901 The Analyst  
ENORMOUS quantities of potassium cyanide are used in certain gold-extraction processes. I t is well known that the commercial article contains more or less cyanate, which appears to be useIess from a, metallurgical point of view. I n the course of some experiments on solutions of potassium cyanide, it was desired to estimate the quantity of potassium cyanate in the presence of cyanide and vice versci. F. Wohler" has poinked out that silver cyanate is decomposed by dilute nitric acid thus : The
more » ... ic acid thus : The addition of nitric acid before t$e usual titration, however, interferes with the accuracy of the test, since the double cyanide of silver and potassium is decomposed *
doi:10.1039/an9012600286 fatcat:abrwdthxlbek7ni44dl7ae63wa