The Cosmology of the Sumerians

H. Radau, Sherwood J. B. Sugden
1902 The Monist  
A CCORDING to the Sumerian conception the earth as a WORLD-EDIFICE consisted of THREE PARTS : ( i ) The heavenly ocean or AN. (2) The terrestrial ocean or KI. (3) The vj>"\ raqi'a i or LIL, which stands between the AN and KI. These three parts were assigned to the first triad or raht of the Sumerian pantheon, i. e., to Anu, Ea, Bel. To these as such belongs the world-edifice. As there existed a heavenly and a terrestrial ocean, so the'LIL or ypT was considered also under a double aspect: (a) As
more » ... uble aspect: (a) As a heavenly jrpi or AN = shamu, D^ttlS (shamaim) or "heaven." (3) As a terrestrial ir«p-) or KI = irtsitu, yix (arets) or "earth." The former keeps back the heavenly and the latter the terrestrial ocean. This latter consideration gives us the so-called TWOFOLD division of the earth as WORLD-EDIFICE. According to this it consisted : (1) Of the upper world, which is AN-ta = elish, i. e., above: the heavenly world; (2) Of the lower world, which is Kl-ta = shaplish, i.e., below: the terrestrial world. 8
doi:10.5840/monist190213126 fatcat:xbislwrkqjgxjjrnto2xb2xeji