The category of case in dialects and accents of Azerbaijani language

Ismailov P
2018 Zenodo  
The category of case that has an important position in the morphological system of the Azerbaijani language has gone through a special development path both in our literary language and in our dialects and accents. In this historical development process, the category of a case has gained some innovative features. A number of interesting facts about this category have been preserved in modern dialects and languages of our language. Nominative case in dialects, also in literary language does not
more » ... language does not have any morphological features. In the cases of genitive and accusative, the symptoms of dialectic became more self-evident. These cases are handled differently in from the literary language, and on the other hand, they can replace a number of other cases. The suffixes of these cases had preserved archaic deaf (very) h consonant in some accents. Dative, Instrumentation, Prepositive cases attract attention with multifarious morphological features, inclining to closed vowels, and functional diversity. In our literary language, there are meeting two forms of the four-variant suffixes, and the four forms of two-variant suffixes. The postpositive case that doesn't exist in modern literary language is also examined in dialects and accents.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2290756 fatcat:xsnhwdkfkrh6tm3iz56xd3cxxu