Wood properties and their among-family variations in 10 open-pollinated families of Picea jezoensis

Jun Tanabe, Akira Tamura, Mika Hamanaka, Futoshi Ishiguri, Yuya Takashima, Jyunichi Ohshima, Kazuya Iizuka, Shinso Yokota
2014 Journal of Wood Science  
This study aimed to evaluate radial and amongfamily variations of wood properties in Picea jezoensis. A total of 174 trees were randomly selected from 10 openpollinated families in a progeny trial for measuring stem diameter, dynamic Young's modulus of log (DMOE log ), annual ring width (ARW), air-dry density (AD), modulus of elasticity (MOE), and modulus of rupture (MOR). Mean values of DMOE log , AD, MOE, and MOR were 9.60 GPa, 0.41 g/cm 3 , 9.44 GPa, and 76.6 MPa, respectively. Significant
more » ... vely. Significant differences among families were observed in all properties. F values obtained by analyzing variance in wood properties were higher than those generally observed in growth traits. In addition, F values in wood properties remained relatively higher from the 1st to 25th annual ring from the pith, although F value in ARW rapidly decreased with each increase in annual ring number. These results indicate that genetic factors largely contributed to the variance in wood properties compared with the growth traits.
doi:10.1007/s10086-014-1407-1 fatcat:o72ky2m6cffy7orzhcsz7x5qnu