A Formal Model for the SCJ Level 2 Paradigm

Matt Luckcuck
2015 Zenodo  
This extended abstract presents an overview of the work towards a PhD thesis on formal verification of Safety-Critical Java Level 2. Safety-Critical Java (SCJ) is the product of an international effort to provide a Java-based language for applications that must be certified using the avionics standard ED-12C/DO-178C at Level A, which defines software that would prevent continuous safe flight and landing in the event of failure. To aid certification, SCJ is organised into three compliance levels
more » ... that ascend in complexity from Level 0 to Level 2. The SCJ standard does not cover verification techniques. Verification has been addressed and results obtained for Level 1, but not Level 2. We focus on providing verification for SCJ Level 2 programs. SCJ Level 2 has received little attention from practitioners and researchers, even its intended uses are unclear from the standard, and in previous work we present the first examination of the uses of its features and present example applications for Level 2. Briefly, the work covers modelling the API of SCJ Level 2 and a mechanised translation strategy for transforming SCJ Level 2 programs into our formal model.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5120203 fatcat:rz4bwmh4p5fhtbj7yjl3lqmgma