Growth, Structure And Spectroscopic Studies Of An Organic Optical Material: Benzimidazole Benzimidazolium Picrate Crystal

2019 Advanced Materials Proceedings  
Crystal engineers have focused to control the solid structures though electrostatic, charge transfer, hydrogen bonding interactions. In particular, organic crystals have very good device oriented characteristics like optical response and large optical polarizability for nonlinear optical applications. In this point of view, we have concentrated on the growth of Benzimidazole benzimidazolium picrate crystal by cost effective solution growth method. The specimen has been subjected to different
more » ... ted to different characterization studies. The single crystal XRD confirms the triclinic crystal structure (P-1) and both linear and nonlinearity of the materials have been analysed through UV-visible and SHG studies. Molecular vibrations, polarisational vibrations and presence of various functional groups present in the material have been identified through FTIR and FT-Raman spectral studies. The high intense light radiation test was performed on the crystal and it was estimated to be 1.39 GW/cm 2 .
doi:10.5185/amp.2019.0009 fatcat:ju3pkxblpnhk7ebl4n45bfs5yq