Solvency effect of the dispersion medium on the radical polymerization of styrene in non-aqueous dispersion media

Hasan Ahmad, Bijan Mohon Chaki, M. Mahbubor Rahman, M.A. Jalil Miah, Klaus Tauer
2007 E-Polymers  
AbstractRadical dispersion polymerization of styrene in a non-aqueous media in the presence of a solvent for polystyrene was carried out to study the effect of the solvency of the continuous phase on the polymerization kinetics, the particle morphology, the size and the particle size distribution. Either ethylacetate or cyclohexanone was used as solvent in combination with ethanol as non-solvent. The polymerization kinetics is strongly influenced by the solvency of the continuous phase. The
more » ... uous phase. The rate of polymerization is reduced in the ethanol-cyclohexanone mixture almost by a factor of two relative to the value obtained in the ethanol-ethylacetate system. On the contrary, variations in the initiator and stabilizer concentration have negligible effects on the polymerization kinetics.
doi:10.1515/epoly.2007.7.1.929 fatcat:wchlcpqasfcdjig5dbtuf4iprq