Towards a Methodology for Business Process Revision Under Norm and Outcome Compliance

Simone Scannapieco, University, My, Abdul Sattar, Guido Governatori
Business Process Management approach allows an organisation to control every aspect of its internal processes (also called business processes) to im- prove them continuously, and to achieve at the same time the organisational objectives (or goals) business processes are built for. When the enterprise is seen as an entity embedded in an environment regulated by norms, the concept of norm compliance comes into play. Norm compliance is the alignment of the formal specifications of a (set of)
more » ... ss process(es), and the formal specifications of the set of norms governing the surrounding environment. While this topic gave rise through the years to an entire re- search field (Business Process Compliance), to the best of our knowledge little attention has been given on how enterprises should behave in case of normative changes, or what are the actual implications on regulatory compliance in case of deliberatory process changes. In this situation, or- ganisations have to face important questions. Are business processes still compliant with the normative? And if not, is it possible to recover compli- ance? How to revise business processes and adjust their behaviour with respect to these changes?
doi:10.25904/1912/686 fatcat:jz6lbukjvbgfrpq7nj6jl4lcwe