On the Ova of the Echidna Hystrix

P. Owen
1880 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London  
1880.] Prof. Owen. On the Ova of Echidna liystrix. 407 the small intestine is independent of the relative frequency either of the glands of Lieberkiihn, or of those of Brunner, but appears to be correlative with the distribution of Peyer's glands. (8.) In the transition from colloidal starch to readily diffusible and easily assimilated dextrose, the actions of the pancreas and of the Peyer's glands are mutually dependent and complementary. The pancreas readily breaks down the starch to maltose,
more » ... starch to maltose, but is capable only of a very slow conversion of the resulting maltose to dextrose. The Peyer's glands on the other hand, whilst almost powerless upon starch itself, take up the work at a point where the pancreatic juice almost ceases to act, and so complete the conversion of starch into dextrose.
doi:10.1098/rstl.1880.0024 fatcat:h3kyjt7mtzdmvjfsg7bhoc56em