Liang XIONG, Rik de VISSER
2018 Landscape Architecture Frontiers  
摘要 荷兰马肯湖-瓦登海项目实现了传统智慧与前沿技术之 间的平衡。一方面,基于圩田模式这一荷兰传统的共识式决策 模式,多个公共和私营部门联合制定出了马肯湖-瓦登海项目 计划;另一方面,该项目在设计思想及技术方面进行了大胆探 索,并利用创新技术和自然进程建造出了新的自然。马肯湖-瓦登海项目在这个气候急剧变化的时代具有重要意义,其湿地 设计与建造将有助于可持续水资源管理,改善当地生态系统, 并增强处于暴雨和洪水威胁中的河流三角洲地区的韧性。 关键词 马肯湖;圩田模式;淤泥;群岛;自然建造;栖息地修复; 研究式设计 ABSTRACT The Marker Wadden finds a good balance between traditional wisdom and technology advance. On the one hand, based on the polder model, a traditional consensus way of planning and decision-making in the Netherlands, the Marker Wadden
more » ... the Marker Wadden project is created by an alliance of both public and private bodies sitting together and their opinions acknowledged. On the other hand, it boldly explores in both philosophy and technique, and a new nature has been achieved by using innovative techniques and natural processes. Marker Wadden will be of great importance in a time of climate change. Wetland design and construction can contribute to sustainable water management, improve local ecosystems, and provide greater resilience of river deltas in storms and floods. KEY WORDS The Markermeer; Polder Model; Silt; Archipelago; Building with Nature; Habitat Restoration; Design by Research 整理 田晓劼 译 孙一鹤 田晓劼 EDITED BY Xiaojie TIAN TRANSLATED BY Robin SUN Xiaojie TIAN 荷兰马肯湖-瓦登海项目: 探索自然的建造
doi:10.15302/j-laf-20180307 fatcat:j72vrhk5brhl3osixsif6d7fbi