The Properties and Classification of the Oxidizing Enzymes, and Analogies between Enzymic Activity and the Effects of Immune Bodies and Complements

Benjamin Moore, Edward Whitley
1909 Biochemical Journal  
formla there is already a stronig tendency to reaction, and the cat.alyt simlv)ly increases this tendencyl . Oni account of the t-oo great readiness w\N-ith w-hich the gruaiacuiin iunl(lerw-enit the oxidationi chanae ,ivimn the characteristic blineilg, anild ;also onl accouiit of thle fact tbat blood, ain(l othler oxi(lizing bo(lies not fermernts, realdil y-ielded thle guiaiacum test, other more definite tests w'ere souglht out. A considerable iuinumber of tests lhave beeni (lescribed in wlich
more » ... lescribed in wlich pleniols or amido-plienols are oxidized to bodlies wlichli pos-.sess various 3. Berichte d. deut. C(he, Geseluh. ,
doi:10.1042/bj0040136 fatcat:jtzrykgkrbhcdkju4jd2rjheve