Book Review General Medicine . Edited by Frank Billings, M.S., M.D., and J. H. Salisbury, A.M., M.D. Series 1915. Chicago: The Year Book Publishers. 1915

1915 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Venereal Diseases in the University Medical College, Kansas City, Missouri, etc.; with a chapter by William F. Braasch, M.D., Attending Physician to the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. With 113 illustrations, 23 of which are printed in colors. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son and Company, 1012 Walnut Street. 1915. This book is of real value to those interested in the subject matter it contains. It devotes its first seven chapters to as complete and satisfactory a summary of the history,
more » ... f the history, development and present-day knowledge of cystoscopy as we have seen. The last five chapters, which are devoted to urethroscopy, are equally well treated, and are most timely at this moment, when for the first time in this country the pathology and treatment of urethral conditions are receiving the attention their importance deserves. Paper, type and illustrations are all most excellent, and the publishers as well as the writers are to be congratulated for the good quality of their work. Pyelography (Pyelo-Ureterography); A Study of the Normal and Pathologic Anatomy of the Renal Pelvis and Ureter. Dr. Braasch's book is chiefly valuable for the large number and the excellent quality of its illustrations, which show the renal pelvis in its normal state, and in a great variety of abnormal and pathological conditions. The material comes from the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota, and the pictures, although they are numerous, are still a careful selection from a great mass of work done during the last five years. The text of the book is written in a simple, pleasant fashion, which makes the reading of ii easy and at the same time provides a large amount of information in a small number of words. It contains chapters on the history and teehnic of this comparatively new field of work, and also chapters devoted to a consideration of the normal and abnormal anatomy of the renal pelvis and its many pathological conditions. There is a very complete bibliography of the subject as well as a good index at the end of the book. The publisher's Work is well done. General Medicine. Edited This is the first volume in the practical medicine series of the current year on the past year's progress in medicine and surgery. It consists of a series of chapters on infectious diseases and diseases of the lungs, heart, arteries, blood and hematopoietic organs, ductless glands and kidneys, and metabolic diseases. Each chapter presents the details of the most important advances made in its domain during the past season. The work is illustrated with twenty-four figures in the text and eight special plates and constitutes an excellent epitome of recent progress in general medicine.
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